Seven Mesmerizing Minutes to Give You Hope

If you know me, you will not be surprised to learn that I listen to National Public Radio (NPR). The other day I was late for an event, but I was mesmerized by the story of a Washington, DC high school that is using restorative justice. NPR officially calls experiences like this, “driveway moments,” and I have had my share over the years.

This “driveway moment” resulted from a story called A Year of Love and Struggle in a New High School. I think it is worth sharing with you and revisiting often. I love it because it reminds us that some good things take time and deep commitment to take root. These good things, like most changes, often begin in rocky uncertainty. But when they root in a system and are cultivated by communities, they can blossom in lives.

I would encourage you to take about seven minutes to listen to this story that inspired my “driveway moment.” You might also enjoy the podcast produced by the NPR Code Switch team that embedded in that high school for a year. If either piques your interest, explore our website for more information about restorative justice in schools!

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