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August 1st brings new legal requirements affecting your school discipline process.  Are you ready to comply with the new law requiring your school to consider restorative justice before imposing a long-term suspension or expulsion?  We can help.

Schertzing Communications, LLC supports the use and integration of the restorative justice philosophy and practices in schools.  As a training and consulting firm, our goal is to foster the adoption and empower the use of restorative justice (RJ) in learning communities.  To that end we provide a variety of highly-acclaimed training services and back them up with supportive coaching and mentoring until attendees feel confident using RJ on their own.

Our goal is always to work ourselves out of a job by equipping and empowering school leaders and faculty to address student conduct issues restoratively.  Based on over a decade of RJ practice and training, we are available to advise and provide support to achieve that goal.  We generally do not facilitate restorative justice interventions, though we could if circumstances required it.

Schertzing Communications has adopted this training and empowerment model based on overwhelming data indicating that a whole-school implementation of restorative justice yields significant benefits.  These can include dramatic drops in discipline referrals, reductions in incidents of violence and illegal acts and improvements in academic achievement and graduation rates.  (Contact us for an independent literature review of RJ studies.)  When the whole school community adopts the restorative paradigm and engages students in community-building through circles and restorative discipline, students respond positively and learn better.

We want to introduce your school personnel to the restorative justice philosophy, principles and practices and empower them to use restorative justice.  To equip administrators, counselors and others who handle student conduct, we also offer a second day training in facilitating restorative circles.  After the trainings, we want to foster your success by coaching and helping systematize RJ use and evaluation procedures to effectively measure RJ results.

Visit our website to learn more about training opportunities near you, including RJ trainings in Lansing this August and September.  Or contact us to schedule on-site sessions within your district to save travel time and expenses.

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