Schertzing Communications, LLC offers a number of services to empower you to transform conflict into connection. Take a look at our training menu below and decide which is right for your organization.

Restorative Justice 101

Making restorative justice come alive, this one- to three-hour presentation introduces attendees to restorative justice’s foundations and informal practices.  By emphasizing the restorative philosophy and principles, it opens minds to restorative justice’s extraordinary potential benefit for organizations and those they serve.  Available on-site for just $750 plus expenses, this introductory session is a perfect addition to professional development agendas.

Introduction to Restorative Justice

This interactive full day session introduces attendees to restorative justice’s foundations and potential applications.  It engages participants in RJ circles and helps them explore how restorative justice philosophy and practices could benefit their organization and those they serve.  This training is available on-site for $1,500 plus expenses.  This introductory session is recommended for administrators, counselors, department chairs and anyone who helps address conflict or misconduct and influences the culture of your organization.

Restorative Circles Training

Over the course of two days, this training seminar takes attendees through an introduction to restorative justice’s foundation and basic applications then goes beyond to engage participants in case studies, role play and fruitful group discussions to help them master the art and science of facilitating restorative and community circles at work or at home.  Every minute of this seminar is packed with information and learning.  We offer it on-site for just $3,000 plus expenses.  To maximize mastery and allow for thorough exploration of content, space is limited to 20 attendees.  We encourage building administrators, public safety officers and anyone who addresses conflict or misconduct to join us.

RJ Roundtables

Bite-sized professional development sessions, RJ Roundtables provide a platform for continued learning and collaboration. Each 90-minute session engages attendees in circle, offers opportunities to discuss and share restorative justice experiences with colleagues and features a brief lesson about some aspect of restorative justice practices.

Generally scheduled after school for attendees’ convenience, RJ Roundtables are available at the district level for educators already trained in restorative justice and its practices. They’re a great, affordable and convenient way to provide coaching and continuing education for facilitators and administrators.

Restorative Conferencing Certification

This intensive two-day seminar follows the curriculum developed by the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) for training and certifying attendees in restorative conferencing—the most powerful tool in the RJ Tool Box.  Due to the intensive and highly specialized nature of this restorative practice, Conferencing Certification is recommended for those who handle discipline at the highest level of your organization.  Contact us to learn about the training schedule and costs.  While we are happy to offer this training on-site for a flat fee of $4,000, we would encourage organizations to combine forces and send their elite conflict resolution professionals to this at a location accessible to all.

Train-the- Trainers Seminar

Author of the Michigan Department of Education’s on-line restorative justice training—Restorative Justice to the Power of 3—Nancy Schertzing wants to empower schools to take advantage of this great resource provided free through the MDE website.  Let Nancy help your trainers maximize the learning potential of this free resource by introducing your training executives to the restorative philosophy, principles and practices.  She can help your trainers make the on-line training come alive for faculty and staff throughout the organization.  This elite seminar is open to personnel with restorative justice experience and an understanding of the restorative paradigm.  This seminar is perfect for intermediate school districts and other umbrella organizations that serve multiple schools and districts.  Contact us for more information or to schedule a session.


As a veteran trainer and RJ facilitator, Nancy understands how daunting it can be for leaders to take the first step into applying the skills and lessons learned in training.  To make that step a bit easier, Schertzing Communications offers coaching services to organizations and individuals who sponsor and/or attend our trainings.  We can support your leaders in choosing the best restorative practices to address specific incidents, coach and even co-facilitate restorative interventions and consult your organization’s leaders in effective techniques for integrating restorative paradigm into its culture and disciplinary practices.  Coaching fees start at $75/hour with significant discounts for on-going commitments.