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See what people are saying:

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Nancy.  She has contributed so much time, energy, and thought into helping us realize our vision to make Restorative Justice a part of the fabric of our department.  . . . [We] sincerely value Nancy’s work ethic, breadth of experience, commitment to restorative justice and to the implementation of it within our department and throughout the entire university.”

Kelly High McCord
Neighborhood Director, Brody Neighborhood Michigan State University
Former Assistant Director, Department of Resident Life, Michigan State University

“I have served as East Lansing High School principal for two years and have interacted extensively with Nancy during this time.  [She] is a highly organized, proactive individual who effectively collaborates with others to get things done.  Nancy is both compassionate and concerned with the welfare of others and consistently solicits and takes into account multiple perspectives in everything she does.  I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Nancy.  She will be an asset to you.”

Coby Fletcher, Ed D
Principal, East Lansing High School