Thinking About Community


I’m thinking about COMMUNITY.

What happens to a baby separated from caregivers and their circle of support?  The infant dies.  Humans EVOLVED in community and community is where we develop as individuals and members of society.

So why would we think it makes sense to exclude a child from his or her school community through suspension or expulsion?  Doesn’t it make better sense to keep that child close and help her or him see how their behavior affects the people they rely on to learn and thrive?

Restorative Justice favors healing over punishment and holds individuals accountable by expecting them to make things right when they cause harm to someone else.  This creates and strengthens community and it turns discipline into personal development and growth instead of being left behind.

Restorative Justice just makes sense.  Learn more about this powerful philosophy and practice by exploring our website, and contact us to schedule a training session for your school community!

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