Turning Conflict Into Connection

Stop squandering money and lives disciplining students the old way. Restorative justice offers a time-honored, data-driven approach to school discipline that develops students and strengthens learning communities. We can help you bring restorative justice to your schools through trainings, coaching and resources.

How We Can Help

Michigan school discipline rules and laws are changing. We helped write many of the policies and legislation, and we can help you comply with them. Explore the variety of trainings and services we offer to prepare your organization to meet these new requirements and harness the power of restorative justice.

What is Restorative Justice?

With over a decade of experience training and facilitating RJ circles, Nancy considers it a privilege to transform the fear and pain of conflict into the peace and healing of resolution. LEARN MORE about Restorative Justice and how it can transform your school, workplace, or organization.

“Nancy is an extraordinary woman and I have so appreciated my opportunity to work with her over the past two years on several projects through the Michigan Department of Education (MDE). We collaborated on the development of the State Board of Education Model Policy on Reducing Suspensions and Expulsions as well as the development of the Model Code of Student Conduct 2014.  . . . As I worked very closely with her these projects, I have seen many examples of her talent and have been impressed by her diligence and work ethic.”

Polly Brainerd, MA
Prevention Specialist
Former Safe and Supportive Schools Grant Lead Coach
Michigan Department of Education